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When you're working towards a fitness goal there are a number of options you try, cardio workout, pilates, weight training, running, walking, even spin class. The early initiation happens by reading up Expert Spin Bike Reviews and Ratings by Certified Personal Trainers and Spin Class Instructors. But when you want to get to it with high intensity, a home gym is the ideal bet .

A home gym is a personal fitness center located in an area of the house, usually designed and equipped to meet an individual's fitness goal.

To carefully design a home gym, there are some important parameters to be considered apart from the types of equipment to purchase.

It’s necessary to take note of the kind of room, the size of the allocated area and its location in the house.

This will aid the proper planning of the placement of equipment in the room.

Also, a good understanding of the measurements of the home gym will help to provide an exact evaluation of its design.

Listed below are the most usual dimensions of home gym depending on the kind of room or area being transformed into a home gym and practical ways of designing them.

Primary Considerations

One important parameter to easily take note is the amount of space available in the room dedicated for the home gym.

There are, however, three other necessary factors to be considered.

Firstly, take cognizance of the ceiling dimension and height. This is necessary to avoid the purchase of equipment higher than the height of the ceiling.

Secondly, ensure you know the accurate dimension of the entrance of the gym room so that equipment can easily be passed through the doorway.

Thirdly, consider the overall shape and location of the room. The shape and location of the room are proportional to the type of design of the home gym.

Let's take a look at rooms typically converted into a home gym and how they can be designed.

  1. Small Rooms

Small rooms are typical room-sized apartments in form of a square in which an individual can easily move around in few paces.

One jungle gym unit can easily fit into this type of room.

However, for the sake of convenience and comfort, it is advised that only equipment that can be carried by hand and are lightweight should be used in this kind of room.

Equipment such as, pushup bars, sit-up mats and dumbells are recommended for use depending on the room dimension.

Equipment that requires the use of big racks should be avoided to save some space and prevent it from falling on anyone.

  1. Expansive Rooms

Expansive rooms do not pose any difficulty in the design of home gym because they are spacious square or rectangular shaped rooms.

The large space in this type of room makes it easy to arrange equipment by the dimension of the room.

Equipment will be allocated to different sections or corners in the room.

For instance, a treadmill can be placed in one corner, a punching bag in another section and a jungle mill in another segment of the room.

It is recommended that the center of the room should be free of equipment with some mats for other forms of exercises.

Full-length mirrors can be placed in one of the room corners so that the user can watch or check his or her posture while exercising.

  1. Basement Gyms

Basement gyms have larger dimensions because they are usually transformed from basements.

There are two main parameters to be considered while designing a home gym with basement dimension.

Firstly, the stairway is the main entrance into the basement. Therefore, equipment must not be placed close to the stairway.

This is because many gym equipment are made from heavy metals.

Anyone who accidentally falls from the stairway might hit any equipment close to the stairs which may cause serious harm.

Secondly, the basement ventilation must be considered because most basements are built underground without windows.

You can use unnatural air ventilation equipment such as A.C. and basement dehumidifiers that can be set to room temperature and also allow enough air into the basement.

  1. Hallway Type Gym

Another section of the house used for a home gym is the long and narrow hallway instead of rooms.

Hallway dimensions are usually long enough for a sprint but so narrow that it can't accommodate more than two persons walking abreast.

Weight training equipment cannot be used in the hallway type gym because of their size and narrowness of the hallway.

Dimensions of hallway type gym do not allow quite a number of fitness equipment that one may desire to use.

The best recommendations for this type of dimension is to cover the floor with a mat for callisthenic exercises.

It can also be used for training brief sprints depending on the length of the hallway.

This type of home gym is the most appropriate for martial artists and fencers to use as sparring room.

  1. Odd-Shaped Room

Odd shaped rooms are rooms with irregular dimensions and adjoining closets.

If this type of room is to be used for home gym, then the available floor space area of the room will be considered.

The smaller nooks and crannies of the room can be used for storing some equipment like barbell racks, water coolers and for cloth racks.

This [1] implies that the room will be designed in such a way that the floor area at the center of the room and ceiling space be used for placing gym equipment.

  1. Garage Gym

This is another section of the house that some people usually convert to a home gym.

The dimension of the garage is often large but the only limitation is that other things in the garage will occupy some space too.

Other things such as vehicles and some work tool might reduce the available work area.

These materials should be well considered when designing or planning equipment for a home gym.

This will also prevent damage to the vehicles in the garage or the gym equipment.